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How effective is group therapy for depression?

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How effective is group therapy for depression?

Group therapy is a renowned type of talk therapy. This involves the number of therapists that provide treatment to multiple patients at the same time. However, group therapy is as effective as individual therapy. Furthermore, if you want to know how effective is group therapy for depression, then read this blog thoroughly. You will also know the best group therapy near me for depression.

Does group therapy help depression?

Depression is a common mental disorder.People with this mental disorder feel the loss of pleasure for a prolonged period.Depression can be considered more severe than sadness. Moreover, various life factors can cause depression which in return can negatively affect all the life aspects.Fortunately, this mental disorder is treatable. However, after reading this article, you will better understand how effective is group therapy for depression.You will also find the best depression group therapy near me.


Various studies conducted in 2023 reported that 29% of Americans have suffered from depression, while 17% are currently suffering from this severe mental condition.Depression can be treated by both medicines and psychotherapy. However, According to the National Institute of Mental Health, psychotherapy is preferred more to treat moderate levels of depression. Psychotherapy can be provided both on an individual basis and in groups.Studies by the American Psychological Association reveal that there is not a major difference between them as both therapies are effective for depression. Moreover, prenatal depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder can also be treated by group therapy.

Does group therapy work for depression?

Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy and is also referred to as talk therapy.It involves multiple numbers of therapists who provide therapy to numerous patients at the same time. Group therapy offers group meetings where patients can seek help from experts in a controlled and optimized environment.Individuals can benefit from this therapy at various places including clinics, hospitals, and various therapeutic and community centers.

The duration of each group varies as some have short-term gaols in 12 weeks, while some are prolonged for an infinite period. Similarly, each group is categorized based on the issues. Few groups only pay attention to depression or anxiety, while some target multiple issues. There are also some limitations regarding gender and demographics.

The ratio of private group therapy sessions is five percent while the ratio of individual therapy is 95%. Despite the smaller ratio, group therapy is still as effective as individual therapy. Various studies have reported that group therapy for depression effectiveness against various diseases such as OCD, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, depression, eating disorders, and many more.

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Is group therapy good for depression?

Similar strategies are used in both group therapy and individual therapy. Conversation on the same issues in a healthy environment also assists in overcoming fear, stress, guilt, etc. Group members can not only ask questions, but they can also extract the solutions from deep conversations.

Group therapy for depression is as efficient and equivalent to individual therapy for numerous conditions. Depressed persons need the motivation to eradicate this mental issue. Various factors can motivate a person to think normally and achieve a stable mental condition. Group therapy is also renowned as triple E treatment for its effectiveness, efficiency, and equivalency.A few main motivators that deliver the optimal results in group therapy include:

Aims: If the persons have some life goals then there is a greater probability that their focus will divert their attention toward the group therapy. By considering their life goal in mind, people can reduce their depression levels.

Family: If you are concerned with your loved ones, then you can easily overcome depression. By thinking about their care, you will remember that you have to fight the depression and stay healthy.

Depression group therapy activities

A few common types of group therapy for depression disorder are as follows:

  • Gratitude activities: In this activity, individuals get the chance to share those events or aspects of their lives, that they are thankful for from the core of their hearts.
  • Expressive activities: This activity involves writing about unforgettable life experiences.
  • Icebreaker activities: This activity assists all the group members to know each other before sharing anything.
  • Goal visualization activities: This activity specifically allows every member to first recognize and then set a goal. After effective identification, members make a plan to change them.
  • Sharing activities: After getting to know each other, group members share their ideas and ask a bundle of questions.

Group therapy for depression effectiveness

Undoubtedly, group therapy can be effective for depression. According to various recent studies, it is concluded that group therapy works for depression as effectively as individual therapy does. Group therapy sessions for depression can reduce various symptoms linked with the below-mentioned conditions:

Group therapy exhibits more effective results if therapy sessions for depression are consistent. However, inconsistency will lead to sessions devoid of desired results.

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Coordinated support

If the members of group therapy sessions provide support then a constructive environment is generated. In this way, members can communicate easily.


Group therapy is the best way to instill hope in new members. Recovered group members can share their experiences.The therapy groups often resemble with family groups which also provide confidence to the patients.They can share their childhood experiences with their family members. By telling the hidden truths that cause depression, their family members can also guide them to treat the depression.

Social interactions

People suffering from depression do not participate in social activities. Group therapy sessions offer the appropriate feedback and also help people to engage in social activities.


Group therapy also helps users identify their hidden personality and strength factors. They also get recognition of the boundaries of their interpersonal behaviour.


Group members divert their minds toward the catharsis by releasing their anger.Deep conversations with therapists and group members help them to alter their emotions in a better way.

Reduced cost in group therapy

Although group therapy for depression disorder not only provides access to multiple therapists, it also saves money and resources. Compared to individual therapy sessions, the cost of group sessions is considerably reduced.In most cases, the dropout rate is also higher in individual therapy for depression, which also supports this fact.


There are different ways to treat depression.However, the most commonly used is group therapy for depression.Group therapy involves the treatment of multiple number of patients at the same time. There are several benefits of group therapy for depression.This blog provides the absolute guide on how effective is group therapy for depression. Moreover, if you are looking for group therapy depression near me, then our experts are here for you. Brainpower Wellness Institute is a remarkable platform that provides effective group therapy for depression.You can find the best cognitive testing to treat and overcome depression.

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