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Child and Adolescent Psychiatry services offered in Orange CA.

Many mental health conditions that affect adults don’t present in children and adolescents the same way. At Brainpower Wellness Institute in Orange, California, Our team offers a wide range of child and adolescent psychiatry services to diagnose and treat mental health disorders in this unique age group. To schedule an appointment, call Brainpower Wellness Institute or schedule an appointment online today.

*Individual diagnosis and treatment results vary

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Q & A

What is child and adolescent psychiatry?

Child and adolescent psychiatry encompasses a variety of mental health services targeted toward younger age groups. At Brainpower Wellness Institute, the team specializes in diagnosing and treating mental, social, emotional, and behavioral issues that commonly affect children and adolescents.

What are the most common conditions in child and adolescent psychiatry?

At Brainpower Wellness Institute, the team diagnoses and treats a variety of mental health conditions in children and adolescents, including:

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

ADHD is a common mental health condition in children that can cause difficulty concentrating, impulsive behavior, fidgeting, low executive functioning, and other symptoms. Without treatment, ADHD can disrupt a child’s ability to succeed in school, form meaningful relationships, and complete routine tasks at home.


Anxiety disorders can lead to excessive feelings of worry, fear, or dread. Whether your child exhibits signs of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), social anxiety, or separation anxiety, the team can create an effective treatment plan to reduce their symptoms.

Aggressive behavior

Several disruptive behavior conditions can affect children and adolescents. Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) is a condition that causes hostile behaviors towards peers and authority figures. Meanwhile, conduct disorder (CD) can lead to irresponsible or delinquent behavior.


Depression in children and adolescents can cause mood swings, irritability, sadness, and other worrisome symptoms. Some children become increasingly sensitive or withdraw from their friends when they experience depression.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Autism is a developmental disability that can affect a child’s social interactions, communication skills, and behavior. The condition can range from mild to severe. Some individuals with autism can live independently as they age, while others require lifelong care.

What are the most common treatments in child and adolescent psychiatry?

How the team treats children and adolescents at Brainpower Wellness Institute depends entirely on their symptoms and behaviors. A comprehensive psychological evaluation and medical history review is essential to gather the necessary information for an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan.

The team may ask you questions regarding your family history and home life during their evaluation. They may also send questionnaires to your child’s teachers, school staff, friends, and family members to make an appropriate assessment.

Once they collect all the information they need and make an accurate evaluation, the team may include the following in your child’s individualized treatment plan:

  • Psychotherapy (talk therapy)
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Medication
  • Lifestyle modifications
  • Dietary changes
  • Supplements

To learn more about child and adolescent psychiatry, call Brainpower Wellness Institute or schedule an appointment online today.