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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in Los Angeles

Obsessive compulsive disorder in Los Angeles is a mental health disorder, the primary manifestation of which is obsessive thoughts or actions of alien content. Such a state arises regardless of a person’s will. OCD is based on an obsessive feeling of some danger, constant doubts, and excessive vigilance.

Obsessive-compulsive neurosis most often manifests itself at the age of 20-25 years, equally in men and women. According to statistics, pathology is detected in 2-5% of the population. It should be noted that patients tend to hide painful experiences and do not always seek help.

The disease negatively affects daily activities and performance, worsens the quality of life, and can lead to serious medical and social consequences.

Specialists at the Brainpower Wellness Institute provide high-quality medical care using modern medications and effective techniques. After conducting diagnostic measures, the doctor draws up an individual treatment program for obsessive-compulsive disorder for each patient, taking into account personal and other characteristics.

OCD Symptoms in Adults in Los Angeles

The main symptom is exhausting, constantly repeating unhealthy, strange thoughts that provoke meaningless behavioral rituals. Manifestations of the disease can be divided into several groups:

  • physical – weakness in the body, fatigue, sleep disturbance, frequent headaches;
  • emotional – neurosis, phobias, depression;
  • cognitive – memory loss, impaired diction;
  • behavioral – aggression and apathy, obsessive rituals;
  • perceptual – delusions of grandiosity, hallucinations.

The Best Treatment for OCD In Los Angeles

A psychiatrist is involved in the diagnosis and treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder in Los Angeles.

The examination algorithm includes the collection of anamnesis and complaints, a detailed survey, pathopsychological testing, and other activities. A neurological examination can reveal autonomic dysfunction, trembling fingers, sweating palms, etc. To exclude organic pathology of the central nervous system, informative instrumental diagnostic methods are used: computer and magnetic resonance imaging of the brain.

Depending on the symptoms and severity of the patient’s condition, the psychiatrist selects the optimal treatment regimen individually. In severe clinical cases and impaired social adaptation, treatment of OCD in a hospital is indicated.

Methods of Best OCD Treatment in Los Angeles

Treatment of obsessive-compulsive neurosis requires an integrated approach. Various methods of influence are used:

  • psychotherapeutic techniques;
  • drug therapy;
  • social and family rehabilitation.

Psychotherapy has a leading role in therapeutic activities. The following methods of psychotherapy for Obsessive compulsive disorder in Los Angeles, which specialists at our clinic use, are effective:

  1. Cognitive behavioral therapy is the most effective way to eliminate the symptoms of this disease. The technique is based on awareness of the presence of a disease, recognizing its signs, identifying the thoughts underlying behavior, learning the skills to resist negative thoughts, and control one’s actions and emotions.
  2. Exposure method. During the session, the patient, under the supervision of the therapist, faces a situation that worries him, and the therapist makes sure that nothing negative happens.
  3. Individual sessions are conducted so that a person with this pathology can distinguish obsessive thoughts from specific fears. The best OCD therapist near me then begins to work on the compulsive behavior.
  4. A technique aimed at preventing OCD attacks. The doctor simulates a situation that causes a feeling of discomfort and anxiety in the patient. In this case, the patient has clear instructions on how to behave in a painful situation. As a result, resistance to rituals is formed, which contributes to a positive effect, etc.

As a result of the best therapy for OCD in Los Angeles, there is a significant reduction in the manifestations of the disease or their disappearance. Pharmacotherapy consolidates the effect obtained and helps improve psycho-emotional well-being.


Among the main groups of medications used to treat OCD:

  • antidepressants (tricyclics, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, etc.);
  • short-course tranquilizers (if anxiety symptoms predominate in the clinical picture);
  • atypical antipsychotics (prescribed if there are appropriate indications, or persistent symptoms);
  • anticonvulsants to prevent anxiety attacks (for example, clonazepam).

An integrated approach to solving the problem involves a combination of psychotherapeutic influence and drug treatment. A combination of methods allows you to achieve good results and stable remission.

Why Us?

Experienced doctors at the Brainpower Wellness Institute use the latest developments and treatment techniques that allow them to cope with obsessive neurosis and restore the patient’s quality of life. Our center employs highly qualified psychiatrists who diagnose and treat patients with various types of obsessions such as bipolar disorder in Los Angeles.

If necessary, the clinic specialist refers the patient for consultation to related and other specialists, which makes it possible to establish an accurate diagnosis and prescribe adequate treatment. We use proven medications that have proven their safety and effectiveness.

The advantages of a Brainpower Wellness Institute include:

  • high level of medical services;
  • a wide range of therapeutic techniques;
  • modern diagnostic equipment;
  • constant assistance and support from doctors;
  • attention and friendly attitude from the staff.

We guarantee quality service and positive treatment results.

If unpleasant symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder appear, do not delay your visit and consult our specialists.

Moreover, Brainpower Wellness Institute also treats various other situations such as,

Choose Us for The Treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder In Los Angeles

In the treatment of OCD disorder, the cognitive-behavioral method of psychotherapy has proven effective. This approach was developed specifically to address OCD symptoms.

It is based on awareness of the disease, recognition of its manifestations, and learning to resist them until complete control over the situation is gained. Individual psychotherapy sessions are recommended until the patient begins to distinguish obsessive thoughts from justified anxious fears. Next, the emphasis is on changing compulsive behavior. After the measures are taken, it is much easier to deal with them. Psychotropic drugs, in particular antidepressants and tranquilizers, are widely used to treat severe forms of OCD.

Brainpower Wellness Institute employs professionals who have all the necessary knowledge and competencies to help you or your loved one’s cope with obsessive-compulsive disorder. You will also get the group therapy in Los Angeles to learn from the experiences of others.

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